Mar 302011

Published in and Copyright © by The Tri-City News, March 25, 2011

FACE TO FACE: Are public-sector unions the problem in government finances?

Wisconsin is best known for Milwaukee’s beer, Green Bay’s Packers and the state’s artery-clogging cheese.

But let’s not stop there. The state also gained prominence recently after it became a raging battleground between a cost-cutting, union-busting Republican governor, Scott Walker, and a thoroughly enraged unionized civil service, thousands of whose members stormed and occupied the State Capitol.

The great recession of the past two years hit our American cousins right in the chops and, as a consequence, many governments at all levels in the U.S. have been teetering near insolvency. In Wisconsin, the situation was particularly bad, leading Walker to call for laws to limit the power of public-sector unions — power that had led to levels of pay, benefits and locked-in job security unheard of in the private sector…

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