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Parents for Democracy in Education/March 2011
Thanks to BC Parents and Teachers for Life (BCPTL), we’ve been informed of a new propaganda booklet produced by a pro-homosexual group, Pride Education Network, that is being distributed by the teachers’ union in B.C. (BCTF). This booklet, Gender Spectrum, makes unsupported claims that gender is a “continuum”, and that normal concepts of “male” and “female” are obsolete. (We have included a copy below, so you can read their one-sided presentation for yourself.)

In contrast, Dr. Leonard Sax, author of Why Gender Matters, Boys Adrift and Girls on the Edge—a medical doctor and a PhD in psychology—has published a rebuttal to such ideas in the Journal of Sex Research (his article is also included below). We call your attention to a statement on Page 9 of Dr. Sax’s peer-reviewed study, which—after a review of the medical evidence—declares:

“The available data support the conclusion that human sexuality is a dichotomy, not a continuum. More than 99.98% of humans are either male or female.”

The PEN/BCTF mis-information campaign is working through teachers in an attempt to radically change the very nature of our schools, among other things encouraging children to practice cross-dressing as “role-playing” the identities of children in one of five (or more) imaginary “intersex” genders.

Such a campaign puts the health and safety of 99.98% of students at risk, for the sake of a pro-homosexual doctrine being promoted by the BCTF.

To protect their children from this barrage of propaganda promoting acceptance of sexual perversions, parents should take steps to establish clearly their wishes for the education of their children.

Bear in mind that the United Nations’ 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Canada is a signatory, states clearly in Article 26, section 3:

Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.

While there may be elements of that Declaration not all Canadians agree with, very few would argue with Article 26—and because Canada is a signatory, the Declaration’s concepts have protective force as strong as Canadian law. If your wishes are made known to your children’s school, they must be respected.

Below is a copy of a Parents’ Directive document available from BC Parents and Teachers for Life at
Use (or adapt) this document, then sign and date two printed copies of it, and deliver them to your children’s school with a request that one copy be signed by the Principal and returned to you.

Parents’ Directive regarding education of their children
BCPTL has frequently drawn attention to the necessity of parents taking steps to protect their children in the schools, given the attempts to propagate harmful propaganda in the school system. British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life is offering what we think may be of some help: a Parents’ Directive regarding the education of their children, a document which parents can deliver to the school, making clear their wishes with regards to the education of their children.

We think that this document is written in respectful terms yet is firm in stating the parents’ wishes. We do not take credit for the idea. Others have written similar documents. We present this as reflective of issues we feel parents should be concerned about, and hopefully reflective of the tone which such a document should have.

This document, when sent to the school, does not come from British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life. It is only of value if it is recognized as coming from the parents who deliver it. Parents are responsible for the document when they use it. British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life cannot be responsible for its use, and our name should not be attached to it when it is sent as a parental directive.

Should you as a parent wish to change the document in any way, you are entitled to do so. You may have other concerns which you wish to express, or you may wish to change it in some other way to suit your family’s situation. Of course, we are not responsible for any changes made. It would be well, in our view, to ensure that any changes retain a respectful tone and are carefully checked for wording before the document is delivered to your children’s school. The text of our suggested directive is given below and also on the “Help for Parents” page of this website (
Parents’ Directive regarding education of their children
To the administrative authorities of _______________________ School in??_______________ in the province of British Columbia, regarding our children, namely:
______________________________________?__ _____________________________________
________________________________________ _____________________________________
We, the undersigned, as parents, are desirous of the welfare of our children in every aspect of their lives. We are thankful for the positive opportunities for education which are available in our country, and for teachers in our schools who generously devote their time to teaching the children and youth of our nation.
Conscious that parents are the first educators of their children and that they continue to bear a prime responsibility for their education, we are communicating the following statement of wishes regarding our children’s education. We request that this statement be kept on file in the school to which we have entrusted our children, and that it be brought to the attention of all those teachers and other staff members who will be charged with dealing with our children. We respectfully issue this statement as a legal directive to school authorities and personnel.

Holding certain principles regarding the family as the basis for our own teaching of our child or children, we desire that those principles should in no way be undermined.

We hold as an ideal the concept of the family as founded on the life-long commitment of one man and one woman to one another in marriage, and on their commitment to the welfare of their children. Nothing taught to our children in the school should undermine respect for this principle.

The school should seek the welfare of all children entrusted to it, and to the best of its ability protect all from harassment; but it shall in no way teach our children that concepts of the family diverging from our ideal are equal or superior to that ideal.

We hold to the belief that human life is sacred from conception to natural death, and nothing taught to our child or children in the school should undermine respect for this principle.
We, as parents, have signed two copies of this document as an indication of our wishes. We request that you return one copy with the signature of the school principal, as an indication of his or her having received the document. We further request that any principal succeeding the present one shall likewise sign this document.

Dated and signed this _________ day of _______________, in the year ___________ at??_________________________ in the province of British Columbia.

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