Mar 052011

On the heels of the squeaker elevation of broadcaster-politician-soccer Mom Christy Cark to be BC’s next Premier, RoadKill Radio has exposed several serious flaws in the process of that election. On RKR’s March 1 broadcast, BC First leader Chris Delaney joined Kari Simpson and Terry O’Neill in studio to inform listeners and viewers of the two major concerns:

1—Foreign influence in BC politics
Vancouver researcher Vivian Krause, by studying documents filed in the USA, found that The Tides Foundation, an arm of billionaire Leftist financier George Soros’ political network, through the Seattle-based Wilberforce Foundation, may have been behind money poured into the coffers of “Organizing for Change”, a BC-based group of environmental extremists devoted to stopping tanker traffic on the BC coast.

RoadKill Radio researchers found that $20,000 was donated to the campaign of Premier-designate Christy Clark by sometime lobbyist and former Liberal campaign chairman Patrick Kinsella, who was involved in the sale of BC Rail to CNR—acting, at various times, for both the buyer and the seller.

Mr. Kinsella’s Vancouver-based political counsel firm, Progressive Strategies, has the same name as an American Political Action Consulting firm, named: Progressive Strategies. Progressive Strategies, U.S., has a posted this website motto: Fully-Intergrated Issue Campaigns With a Political Punch, and boosts radical Leftist clients like ACORN, PAW (People for the American Way), Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood.

The Kinsella firm gave $54,000+ to the BC Liberals between 2005 and 2009. Its American namesake publishes a PowerPoint presentation and booklets on its web-site, telling Leftist politicians how to use fake “family values” and seemingly “conservative” economic talking points to lure voters to their anti-family policies.

BC Firstparty leader Chris Delaney has asked Elections BC to investigate the money trail of foreign funding of the selection of a new BC Premier.

On RoadKill Radio, Mr. Delaney told Kari Simpson and Terry O’Neill: “A group out of the United States called The Tides Foundation USA—a big umbrella organization—billions of dollars—that people like George Soros, the Rockefellers, Bill Gates and others… use to engineer… and influence elections in other jurisdictions…

“All of a sudden policy is being driven by people outside the province… we (BC First) reported the story to Elections BC and asked what could be done…

“The Chief Electoral Officer… responded to me this morning on the third go-round: ‘Elections BC has no jurisdiction to interfere or to be involved in how a political party conducts its leadership contest’… short of breaking the actual law, they don’t get involved…

“In terms of financing a political candidate for office or a political party, again, Elections BC has very little to say… a foreign jurisdiction can donate money, can be involved… it has to be reported as an election expense…

“But in this case, what [Soros’] Tides [Foundation] did was, they gave the money to the Wilberforce Foundation (of Seattle), which gave money to Organizing for Change in BC; what they did was, they sent out letters to 28,000 [people in BC] mostly activists from the Left—environmental activists—to join the Party… to stop tanker traffic off the coast of BC…

“Chief Electoral Officer said that if there is a discrepancy after the reports are filed, they would act on that…

“This group—Organizing for Change—did not do what they did on behalf of the Liberal Party; they did it on behalf of themselves. They said, ‘You guys go out and join this Party so you can elect a Premier who will stop tanker traffic (because that’s their issue) off the coast of British Columbia.’

“They’re completely legally entitled to do that; but I think that’s wrong. I don’t care what the issue is—the issue doesn’t matter; the issue aside, no foreign group with foreign money should be allowed to agitate and to influence an election in British Columbia—especially one, although you may call it an internal election, you’re electing a party leader; but you’re actually electing the Premier of British Columbia; that’s a huge hole in the law and it needs to be fixed.”

2—Confusion in the Liberal Party’s voting procedure
There was also reason for serious concern about the “disaster” of the voting procedure: confusion surrounded the Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) issued by the Liberal Party to allow members to vote on-line. RoadKill Radio learned that a caller to a Vancouver talk show said he got a PIN—but had never been a member of the Liberal Party!

Mr. Delaney pointed out another serious concern: thousands of Liberal Party Members did not get their PINs until the day before the vote; and there could be many who did not get their PIN at all.

“The Liberal Party claims they signed up another 60,000 new members for a total of 90,000,” said Mr. Delaney.

[Researcher Vivian Krause notes that the Liberal Party had 30,000 members in BC before the campaign started; the Wilberforce Foundation in Seattle had nearly 70,000 members. When the campaign ended, the BC Liberal Party had nearly 100,000 members—a suspicious co-incidence.]

“They had 61.8 percent of the people actually vote in the election,” said Mr. Delaney. “Christy Clark won the premiership, or the leadership of her party, by 380 votes total; but 30,000 people didn’t vote!

“Now, that’s very different than a general election, where a lot of people just don’t care to vote; when you sign up for a political party, it’s so you can vote. When one-third of the people who are members of your party—who signed up to vote—don’t vote, there’s a problem!…

“Most of the people—a huge number: tens of thousands—did not get their PIN until Friday… Thousands of those people might have been out of town… What that means is that many people didn’t get to vote. If everyone had voted, that might not have been the person chosen. It was a disaster!”

Kari Simpson asked, “Is the Liberal Party doing anything about it? Is there an investigation? Is Kevin Falcon saying, ‘Wait a minute—let’s re-evaluate this, or have a second look.’?”
Chris Delany replied: “They’re all holding hands under the rainbow.”
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