Mar 052011

Last year, during the H1N1 “swine flu” scare, when RoadKill Radio was the only news agency that publicized the warnings in the vaccine maker’s Product Information Guide—including warnings that the vaccine had not been tested on some of the target groups—then-broadcaster Christy Clark opined that parents who do not vaccinate their children are “bad Canadians”.

This, in spite of the evidence that
(a) the vaccine had not been fully tested ;
(b) the charge that unvaccinated children are a threat to the health of their vaccinated peers (a palpably false accusation, unless the vaccine does not confer immunity;
(c) there were many reports of vaccine-related (and maybe –caused) illness.

And many parents are asking: “Why have governments granted Big Phara immunity from liability, if their vaccines are safe?”

In our desire to be helpful, RoadKill Radio on its March 1 broadcast offered a guide: How to Spot a really ‘bad Canadian’:

10 – Radio talkers (e.g., Christy Clark) who try to bully people into injecting their kids with an experimental vaccine for an imaginary pandemic. (See Swined, Swooned and Swindled, RKR Fall, 2010)

9 – Someone who accepts $20,000 (e.g., Clark, again) for a political campaign from a lobbyist/non-lobbyist who at one point represented both BC Rail and CN Rail during the tainted sale of public assets from one to the other.

8 – Anyone who accepts $20,000 (e.g., Clark, yet again) for a political campaign from a dubious political backroom operative whose consulting company’s name is identical to a shifty American political consulting firm whose clients include radical pro-abortion and other Leftists groups.

7 – Someone whose close relative’s house was raided by police at the same time as the Legislature raid that led to the Basi-Virk trial.

6 – Someone who thinks the $6 million taxpayers paid for a guilty plea in that trial actually “cleared the air”.

5 – Someone who could not wait ten years—until her son grows up—to run for the top political office in BC, telling the Ottawa Citizen that she wanted to teach him by example how to serve the nation. But the implicit lesson here is that career matters more than parenthood. Is this an example of how we are to define Christy Clark’s “family values” agenda?

4 – Someone whose political financing is linked to expanding the gambling industry.

3 – Someone who trumpets “family values”, but supports all-day kindergarten; and who failed to respond to pro-life editor Paul Schratz’ question: “Is there any possible argument that… would defend the notion that citizens in a democracy are forbidden to know what complications are associated with a medical procedure, paid for with their tax dollars?” – referring to the hiding of abortion statistics in BC.

2 – A premier-designate who won’t pledge to curb the flow of public funds to leeches that milk the tax-paying “cash cows”.

1 – The baddest of a bad Canadian is someone gullible enough to vote for a candidate in a Liberal leadership vote – or a general election – who lip-syncs focus-group tested political strategies designed to seduce, befuddle and deceive those willing to be manipulated by so-called political leaders.

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  1. as bad as she is–i shudder to think how bad things will be under the ndp

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