Mar 052011

How Liberals thank their big corporate supporters: trash public agencies, then privatize them on the cheap

In-studio guest Chris Delaney, leader of the new BC First Party, said on the March 1 broadcast of RoadKill Radio that corporatist policies of the Campbell government are behind the announcement that BC Hydro needs to raise rates 50 percent over the next five years.

“It’s combination of issues,” said Chris Delaney. “The Liberals’ 3P policy, and their commitment to privatization; run-of-river; the ‘green’ agenda…

“There’s nothing as green as hydro power, in terms of emissions. The only problem with ‘run-of-river’ is that they’re giving it to GE and other American companies…. And the price they pay for it is double what’s on the market… Sometimes, BC Hydro is paying nine times as much…

“I have to give credit to Rafe Mair and others, who have been on this issue for a long time…

“We think they (the BC Liberals) re trying to destroy the company, then unload it. They mean to set it up to become a loss… They did the same thing with BC Rail.”

Kari Simpson asked, “Shouldn’t BC’s resources be for British Columbians? Why sell them off to American companies?”

Chris Delaney replied: “It shows the influence of the big business lobby on the Liberal Party… I’m not anti-corporation—there are benefits. But the greater benefit of the province’s resources should come to British Columbians…

“Why would you sell BC Rail to an American company? Why wouldn’t you sell it to CP? They sold BC Rail for $1 billion; but it’s been estimated that the value of the right-of-way alone is over $7 billion.”

click here to listen/download RKR archived show

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