Mar 052011

Brian Rushfeldt was close to apoplectic when he was interviewed March 1 on RoadKill Radio. But the Executive Director of Canadian Family Action was still articulate, clear and very common-sensical about the outrageous testimony given by “expert” witnesses to a Senate Committee hearing on Bill C-54, legislation to require minimum mandatory sentences for pedophiles.

“They offered no evidence, only their own opinion,” said Rushfeldt.

He pointed out that one of the “expert” witnesses, Professor Hubert Van Gijseghem of the University of Montreal, who said that pedophilia is “just another sexual orientation”, had given similar ungrounded testimony before parliamentary committees before—always with a slant that supported the contention of pro-‘gay’ activists that in sexual matters, “anything goes.”

Rushfeldt pointed out that if pedophilia is “just another sexual orientation”, it cannot remain in the Criminal Code, since previous Supreme Court rulings and parliamentary inertia have allowed “sexual orientation” to become a protected category under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In 1981, when the Charter was being drafted, an MP named Jean Chétien—who would later be Prime Minister of a Liberal government that legalized same-sex “marriage” and allowed the protection of “sexual orientation” to become a protected category—said in a committee hearing, “That phrase (“sexual orientation”) doesn’t belong in any law, because nobody knows what it means!”

The term remains undefined in Canadian law.

If it is now re-defined to mean any activity involving anyone’s genitalia, pedophilia – one of the most odious offenses against innocent children – would be swept under the deformed Charter’s protection.

The change to the Charter, as listeners to RoadKill Radio have previously learned, was in fact unconstitutional: it was a ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada that changed the Charter; but since the Charter is entrenched in Canada’s Constitution, that means the SCOC was amending the Constitution from the bench. The Constitution, however, includes a carefully-written formula for its amendment—and the Supreme Court is nowhere mentioned.

The Constitution, in short, does not give the Supreme Court the power to do what it did. The court was acting ultra vires – beyond its powers.

Perhaps one day Canada will elect a Parliament that includes MPs with the courage to restrain the Supreme Court, and command it to get back into its limited constitutional role.

RKR co-host Terry O’Neill commented: “There was a time… when it was seen that there was one, common-sense, natural way of having sexual relations—and everything else was seen as deviant behaviour. We’ve now got an ‘expert’ talking about a society that would, in effect, ban heterosexual behaviour… he’s saying that pedophilia is just a sexual orientation.”

Brian Rushfeldt’s response: “The guy is an absolute nut-case!

“If anyone paid any attention to the foolishness of these professors—neither presented anything besides their opinions… somewhere that’s going to be argued in court: ‘It’s my sexual orientation, you cannot jail me for that!’

“It’s frightening to think we have professors in our universities who put forward these ideas… I challenged committee to require these people to bring forward some evidence; because they cannot.”

Said co-host Kari Simpson: “We’re ’way beyond half-way down the slippery slope. We saw that with the transgender bill: the NDP claims that sexual orientation is a fluid state, but they also claim it cannot be changed… The NDP is at it again: they’ve put forward a bill to legalize anal sex at 16.
Yet we’ve also had ‘gay’ activists wanting more money because of the medical consequences of homosexual ‘sex’. It’s utter nonsense!”

Rushfeldt said Bill C-54, which has passed through committee unchanged and will now come before the House of Commons for third reading, is “less than what we need, but better than what we’ve got.”

If it passes third reading in the House, Bill C-54 will go to the Senate; if there is an election before C-54 gets through the Senate, the bill will die on the Order Paper.

RKR staffers suggest that everyone write, phone, or e-mail your MP and ask them to support passage of this bill; then write, phone or e-mail the Senators from your province and require their support. Next phone, email or tell your family members and friends that they need to get involved in their democracy, protect children and the values of a civil society!
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