Feb 262011

Multiculturalism destroying Canada’s
Culture and economy: Lowell Green

VANCOUVER, Feb. 26, 2011 (RKR) — Canada’s “multiculturalism” policy is hurting Canada economically, and threatens to obliterate Canada’s culture, Ottawa broadcaster Lowell Green told RoadKill Radio Tuesday night.

“Every immigrant costs Canada $6,000 a year,” Green said. “But even worse is the impact on Canadian culture; we soon won’t have a culture we can call ‘Canadian’.”

Green has recently published a book, Mayday! Mayday!, in which he attacks the multiculturalism policy introduced by Pierre Trudeau 40 years ago.

“Immigration changed totally in 1990,” Green said. “Until then, for every non-European who came to Canada, about 4 Europeans came, reinforcing Canada’s European Judeo-Christian heritage. Today, for every European immigrant—including those from the USA—we get five non-European immigrants. We’re soon going to have a country that will be Middle Eastern, African or Asian—but not Canadian.

“A lot of people who come to Canada have no intention of building this country, or making a home here. There are over 100,000 people in Hong Kong and Macao who have Canadian passports.

“People in Europe are beginning to realize that they need more ‘tribalism’: look at Eastern Europe breaking away from the Soviet Union… France is another example, so is Britain. France wants to be more French, Britain wants to be more British.”

Green cited a recent report that said “Vancouver has become the first Asian city outside Asia.”

“Asian cities are wonderful,” said Green, “but this is Canada.

“Can you imagine them waking up in Paris to read: ‘Paris to become the first Mexican city outside Mexico’? Or New Yorkers being told, ‘New York to become the first French city outside France.’? There would be an uproar! But we read, ‘Vancouver has become the first Asian city outside Asia’, and we don’t bat an eye. Why? Because we’re afraid someone will call us ‘racist’. But it’s not about race. It’s about culture.”

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  12 Responses to “Multiculturalism destroying Canada’s Culture and economy”

  1. “Asian cities are wonderful,” said Green, “but this is Canada.”

    Brilliant comments, the same problem is occuring down under in Australia with the immigrant population. They breed like rabbits, which is fine in overcrowded Asia, but Western countries are not Asia. They were built by westerners and we don’t want them to become Asian countries.

  2. Immigrants do take their own culture with them, but that is exactly what helps Canada develop and grow. Canada is mostly referred to as a cultural mosaic country and that is symbolic for Canada. Immigration also helps Canada maintain its population, its economy and helps it gain its reputation among the United Nations, so there’s a mutual relationship between Canada and its immigrants. Immigration certainly does not destroy Canada.

    • I deeply disagree-they take jobs and opportunities from Canadians.They increase taxes and cost of living.Immigrants have ruined this country.Canada is a welfare state and door mat for the rest of the world.

      • The citizens that call them selves “Canadians”, “Australians” are not really citizens as well are they. They say with immigration, immigrants bring in illegal drugs and rape woman and shit on their culture, But if you think for a second is any of this land you guys are standing on really yours, did your ancestors not come to this land, kill its inhabitants, rape its people, put thousands on alcohol and cannabis. The Indians you say are raping your women and taking your jobs, didn’t your ancestors not once take over India and TRY to make it a colony of Britain? I want you think about what culture you guys are accusing immigrants of destroying, the culture you guys have destroyed highhandedly by committing murders, invading lands, killing millions of innocent people. Just take a moment for all that to sink in and you may have to read it over again because you may have not digested the fact that you are an immigrant to like the rest of us, and you have done exactly the same for this world tha you are accusing these immigrants of doing. YOU are just like the rest of us!

  3. Very soon China and the middle east will be gone through war and pollution. So it will balance out. You can’t class trash and can’t smart stupid. The Chinese are so stupid they overpopulate and over pollute. The middle east people kill each other off. It is karma. ..

  4. Name one positive thing that people from India have contributed to Canada.

    Go ahead.

    I’ll wait right here.

  5. Canadians will wake up one day and find their pm will be named singh and their provincial leader will be named wong and we will all be living on white reservations wondering what happened!

  6. I’ve read a few of Lowell’s books. I agree completely.

    Shawn Dalton

  7. I am a bit confused, does this mean we should get rid of anyone who dosn’t have British and French ancestors ? as anyone else has ancestors who immigrated to Canada. Or are we talking about anyone who isn’t a native ? as technically even the British and French Immigrated. Or are we just segregating certain cultures ?

  8. ” ‘New York to become the first French city outside France.’? ” < this is funny,
    New York literally means NEW York, referring to the fact that it was a new version of York, as in the British city of York in North Yorkshire.

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