Feb 152011

Show #88 Part 1

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15 February, 2011 – 7:30 – 8:15 pm: One of RoadKill Radio’s favourite citizen warriors, Alice Jongerden, owner of Home on the Range Dairy, is in-studio to update us on the important legal battle she ignited – a legal battle that has important legal implications for us all, namely our right to obtain and consume healthy food choices! Raw Milk and the fight to let the milk flow is now a constitutional question before the courts! Click here to view the expert’s affidavit on the health benefits of raw milk. This story should be called: “Alice verses Govoliath”!

Show #88 Part 2
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8:15 – 8:35 pm: Our own RON GRAY joins us by phone to tell us about his response to an invitation he received from the Canadian Museum (AKA Mausoleum) of Human Rights. The invitation: Submit possible ideas for inclusion in the Museum. Ron’s response: The abuse of Canadians by Human Rights Commissions across Canada. Click here to read Ron’s full submission! A must read!

Show #88 Part 3
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8:35 – 9:30 pm: Super Important Discussion! HEIDI OSTERMAN, CN and spokesperson for the True Food Foundation and KEVIN PROTEAU, from Locals Supporting Locals talks about the serious implications Canada’s failure to protect our food supply from Genetically Manufactured Organisms (GMO); the government’s failure to protect farmers from GMO crops and the government’s failure to protect Canadians by requiring the labeling of GM produced food. Check out Heidi’s recent article – God Move Over: GMO is here.

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