Jan 312011

By Terry O’Neill

Good evening. Thank you Louanne. Thanks to all of you. What a privilege to be here tonight to be the inaugural speaker at St. Joseph’s new chapter of the Catholic Women’s League, whose new motto, I am given to understand, is, “The St. Joe’s CWL: Not your mother’s Catholic Women’s League!

Actually, this reminds me of the time when my mother was with an organization called the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire, or IODE for short. Well, over time, the members came to conclude that their name was more than a little dated and fusty, and so they started to brainstorm about a new name, perhaps with the same initials, but standing for something else. Well, after much discussion and study, they couldn’t come up with anything, so they decided to simply stick with the initials, IODE, and have it stand for nothing! Let’s hope the CWL doesn’t follow the same path!

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