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Who are B.C.’s most right-wing journalists and broadcasters?

by Charlie Smith, December 23, 2010

Today, I started musing about the number of conservatives in the B.C. media. This occurred as I was reading a post by one of the kingpins, Tom Fletcher, the Victoria bureau chief for Black Press.

For fun, I decided to create a list of the 10 most right-wing columnists, reporters, and broadcasters in the province. The list is weighted by their influence.

Feel free to fill in the comment form below if you feel I’ve missed anyone or if you disagree with the choices.

1. Harvey Enchin, Vancouver Sun
2. Jon Ferry, Province newspaper
3. Tom Fletcher, Black Press
4. Fazil Mihlar, Vancouver Sun
5. Terry O’Neill, Roadkill Radio
6. Bruce Allen, CKNW Radio
7. Mark Hasiuk, Vancouver Courier
8. Mel Rothenburger, the Daily News in Kamloops
9. Norman Spector, Globe and Mail contributor
10. Mark Tonner, former Province columnist—he’s no longer contributing regular articles, but no list of right wingers in the media would be complete without him.

Happy holidays.

(Reprinted from The Georgia Straight.)

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