Nov 092010

Show #82 Part 1

Download Show #82 Part 1

9 November 2010 – HOWARD GALGANOV, a great Canadian citizen with a talent for Citizen Journalism will join us to talk about the media revolution that is turbo-charging a We the People power play on both sides of the border. Checking out his website is a must do! Click here.

Show #82 Part 2

Download Show #82 Part 2

DORIS DARVASI from Real Women of Canada will be in-studio to talk about the United Nations’ plans to sexualize our children! RoadKill Radio tried to get someone from Canada’s Foreign Affairs Ministry to tell us – and you – why Canada’s UN delegation supported this insanity, but we were advised late today that Minister Lawrence Cannon has declined our offer to give him air time to defend his department’s position. YOU MUST TUNE IN! You won’t believe what they want to teach your kids now!

Show #82 Part 3

Download Show #82 Part 3

NATHAN COOPER will join in the discussion to talk about the Transgendered Rights Bill that is sailing through committee. The good news is we finally have a written definition of what gender identity is! The bad news is we still don’t know what the gobbledegook means!

Other Business! Important Business!

1. Last week you heard Terry talk about the Sacred Salmon; now you get to read all about it! Check out Terry’s column in the National Post – you’ll smile.

2. PROMO!! Signal Hill is an organization we here at RoadKill Radio believe in. This Friday, November 12th, they’re holding an important fund-raising event – a great, fun night, raising money for an important cause. If you’re available, check out the details here!

3. So many calls about the whole show last week! If you missed it, you’ll need to check out these stories – and listen to the archived show itself!!

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