Dec 102009

Kari Simpson demands an Apology & Explanation!

LANGLEY, BC Dec. 10, 2009 (RKRadioNews) — Kari Simpson’s most prized possession from this week’s H1N1 briefing by the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, is a recording of a telephone company functionary telling her “The government doesn’t want RoadKill Radio to attend”—in spite of the fact that she had a personal invitation from Dr. Kendall to participate.

That invitation had come at the conclusion of a long exchange of correspondence in which she sought an interview with the PHO.

Simpson is demanding an apology from Dr. Kendall and wants an explanation. She is also calling for an inquiry into reports— confirmed for her from two independent sources—of the vaccine-related death of a Lower Mainland mother of six children.

Background – Kari Simpson, co-host of RoadKill Radio, had written to Dr. Kendall at his behest, providing questions she had intended to present to him in an interview on RoadKill Radio, concerning the H1N1 vaccine. Dr. Kendall had responded to her Dec 2, 2009 correspondence, and in his reply he invited her to attend his weekly briefings concerning H1N1 Pandemic Flu.

The briefings are held in Victoria, and participation can be facilitated by attending in person or by phone. Mrs. Simpson called the number provided, and identified herself and the media outlet she works for, RoadKill Radio. She was thanked, and advised that the briefing would soon commence. As Dr. Kendall began his briefing, Ms. Simpson listened to the updates. Dr Kendall was just about to broach the subject of the vaccines when the call was interrupted by a conference call technician, and Ms. Simpson was advised that “the government didn’t want her to attend.” (Click here for a copy of the transcript)

Despite a personal invitation from Dr. Kendall, Mrs. Simpson was banished from the briefing.

“I’m amused at the overt stupidity demonstrated by the Campbell government.” Mrs. Simpson said today. “Do they really believe British Columbians will tolerate state censorship? I have to admit that the best endorsement our media outlet can get is to have on the record a statement saying ‘The Government doesn’t want RoadKill Radio to attend’ a government briefing—a briefing paid for by BC taxpayers!

“You know you’re doing something right when that happens!” stated Simpson.

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