Dec 082009

Transcript of Kari Simpson calling in to Dr. Perry Kendall’s Weekly Briefing Updating the H1N1 influenza pandemic in BC.

December 8, 2009 @ 12:58pm

Female voice – Thank you for holding, which conference are you attending today?

Simpson – With Dr Kendall, his media advisement on the H1N1

Female – Thank you ma’am. May I ask you for your full name and the spelling, please.

Simpson – Kari Simpson. K-A-R-I S-I-M-P-S-O-N

Female – Thank Ms. Simpson. Now may I also have your company name or your media outlet name?

Simpson – RoadKill Radio.

Female – Is that all in one word?

Simpson – RoadKill is all one word, capital R capital K; new word – radio.

Female – Okay, thank you Be advised you won’t be hearing music until…

(Dr. Kendal begins his briefing. It continues for several minutes then a voice cuts-in.)

Female voice – I apologize for the interruption this is the Bell teleconferencing operator.

Simpson – mhum

Female voice – Ms. Simpson?

Simpson – Yes

Female voice – I do apologize, I have been informed that you are not accredited media and you are not authorized to join in this conference call. I sincerely apologize.

Simpson – I have an invitation from Dr. Kendall to attend this.

Female voice – One moment please (puts Simpson on hold)

Female voice – What I’ll do is put you on musical hold for just a moment and we’ll verify that information for you. I do sincerely apologize. (puts Simpson on “musical” hold for a long time)

Male voice – Ms. Simpson?

Simpson – Yes?

Male voice – I am very sorry… um for this conference I am very sorry but the presence of RoadKill Radio is not wished for….

Simpson – And who am I speaking with please?

Male voice – My name is Phillip, I am an agent and…

Simpson – An agent with?

Phillip – …with (unintelligible) … teleconferencing services, it’s according to the client’s wishes.

Simpson – And who is your client?

Phillip – Um well according to the Government of BC, they do not want the presence of RoadKill Radio.

Simpson – They don’t want the presence of RoadKill Radio?

Phillip – No, I’m very sorry

Simpson – Who, who transmitted that information to you?

Phillip – I am very sorry but ah…this client… is not on the list of the approved media representative office

Simpson – Um, but who told you we weren’t welcome here?

Phillip – Um um I’m very sorry by the wishes of the client on the line that ah

Simpson – But who gave you that directive?

Phillip – one moment please (puts Simpson on hold)

Phillip – …It’s according to Sheryl Exon.

Simpson – Miss Sheryl Lexon?

Phillip – Exon…

Simpson – Exon.

Phillip – … which is the conference host.

Simpson – The host of the conference, and what ministry is she with?

Phillip – One moment please… (puts Simpson on hold)

Phillip – …I am very sorry, she is the moderator of calls, government of BC public Affairs Bureau of bcl sorry I am very sorry…

Simpson – And what is your company’s name?

Phillip – Actually Bell Conferencing Centre, we operate the service for the government of BC.

Simpson – All right, so their instructions are, not to allow us to attend a conference we were invited to by Dr. Perry Kendall?

Phillip – I am very sorry, yes.

Simpson – And this is from Sheryl Exon?

Phillip – Sheryl Exon which is actually the host and moderator of the conference.

Simpson – And do you know how she spells her last name?

Phillip – E-X-T-O-N

Simpson – All right, so I guess there is nobody else we can speak to, to get around this hey?

Phillip – Ahh just one moment… (puts Simpson on hold)

Phillip – I am very sorry. We are provided this information. Sorry our instructions are…

Simpson – (giggles) Well thanks for the information then.

Phillip – I am very sorry.

Simpson – Well so are the people of British Columbia. I think this is a sad commentary on their right to information so …

Phillip – sorr…

Simpson – I appreciate you are not responsible for that and we’ll make that those that are responsible are really named, okay?

Philip – We only operate the services.

Simpson – I appreciate that. All right have a great day.

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