Nov 272009

BC’s Provincial Health Officer refuses live interview to discuss H1N1 vaccine manufacturer’s safety warnings

Kari Simpson, Co-host of has written to BC’s Provincial Health Officer (PHO), Dr. Perry Kendall, after he refused to appear on RoadKillRadio to answer questions regarding the H1N1 Vaccine—questions specifically addressing the at-best-questionable testing of the vaccine, and whether British Columbians can truly provide “informed consent” when they agreed to the vaccination.

The questions refer to the vaccine manufacturer’s own information, contained in their Product Information Guide (PIG). This leaflet was published Oct. 21, 2009 by GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of the ASO3-Adjuvanted H1N1 Pandemic Influenza Vaccine.

In her letter to Dr. Kendall, Mrs. Simpson asks:

Question 21 – Hypothetically speaking, if a PHO does not fulfill the duty to provide crucial information to the citizenry, thus resulting in thousands of men, women and children ignorantly subjecting themselves to a medical procedure/experiment that the PHO knows (or should know) is unproven and potentially dangerous, in your opinion should he or she:

a. Advise the public of the facts and resign

b. Resign

c. Continue to communicate information that fails to provide the facts, thus knowingly endanger the lives of British Columbians.

On behalf of British Columbians, Mrs. Simpson also asks this question concerning data collection:

“GlaxoSmithKline states in the PIG on page 23:

“‘Children 6—35 months: 0.25mL/dose (NO clinical data are available for influenza vaccines with ASO3 in this age group)

Question 3 – Have you—in keeping with your legislative mandate to “provide information” and to “report”—stated anywhere on the public record GlaxoSmithKline’s admission, as quoted above concerning 6-35-month-old babies and toddlers, that “no clinical data are available for influenza vaccines with ASO3 in this age group”?

Question 4 – Have you, on the public record, warned parents that their children were being used in an experiment? If so, please provide details of where and when this has been stated or recorded.

Question 5 – Some media personalities (e.g., Christy Clark on CKNW) have called those who may refuse to inject this toxic, experimental concoction into their bodies, and/or their children’s bodies, “bad Canadians.” Do you agree with her? Or is she being irresponsible?

As RoadKillRadio co-host, Kari Simpson interviewed Dr. Christopher Shaw, a neuroscientist and a Professor at the University of British Columbia, about the HI1N1 vaccine. Dr. Shaw has researched the available data—what little there is—and told RoadKillRadio he has concerns about “the lack of testing and the efficacy of the vaccine.”

Dr. Shaw, when asked, said he would welcome the opportunity to appear on RoadKillRadio with Dr. Perry Kendall. (Click here to listen to Dr. Shaw on RoadKill Radio.)

Nov. 17 Kari Simpson contacted Dr. Kendall’s office to request an interview with PHO Dr. Kendall, in person or by phone, whichever suited him best. The proposed show date was for Nov. 24, a full week later.

Ms. Simpson received a return call within minutes, advising that Dr. Kendall was unavailable. Ms. Simpson then offered: “Any Tuesday then, pick one.”

The answer was: “Dr Kendall would not be able to do that long of an interview” (45 minutes).

Ms. Simpson, wanting to accommodate Dr. Kendall, then offered to shorten the time, or pre-tape the interview, or have another spokesperson from his office on the program. She was advised that she would be called back.

Jeff Groot, a senior public affairs official with BC Healthy Living, contacted Mrs. Simpson asking what the proposed interview would be about.

Mrs. Simpson advised him there was growing concern about the information being asserted by Dr. Kendall about the H1N1 vaccine’s safety, in light of the lack of testing. She also explained that issues around informed consent should be explored.

Mr. Groot said Dr. Kendall would not appear, but was willing to respond to written questions; he provided an e-mail address.

Ms. Simpson has written to Dr. Kendall, including a total of 23 questions that need to be asked and answered promptly. She has requested that he respond by Dec. 1, 2009. His responses will be featured on, which is accessible at that address live every Tuesday from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m., with previous programs archived for access at any time.

A copy of the questions sent to Dr. Kendall can be seen here.

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