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For immediate release: May 4, 2009

Social policy activist Kari Simpson comments:

Why Marc Dalton Must Sue Spencer Herbert and the New Delusional Party:

Because truth matters!

LANGLEY, May 4, 2009 — Kari Simpson, founder of the Citizens’ Research Institute and co-host of the popular new Internet radio program, said today NDP leader Carole James and NDP candidate Spencer Herbert owe Liberal candidate Marc Dalton a public apology for misrepresenting statements he made in a 12-year-old e-mail.

“If he doesn’t get an apology, he should sue them,” Simpson said, “for two reasons. Firstly, because in this day and age of ‘wwwgoogleinfomation’, Spencer Herbert’s willful distortions will wrongly define Marc Dalton forever; secondly—and most important—because the truth matters.”

Ms. Simpson was referring to recent public statements by MLA candidate Spencer Herbert, in which he called on Dalton to resign as Liberal candidate, because of an allegedly ‘homophobic’ e-mail he sent in 1996.

“Fair comment demands true facts,” said Simpson. “Any child reading Mr. Dalton’s comments would understand that Spencer Herbert’s assertions have no basis in truth. Mr. Dalton did not equate homosexuality to pedophilia, as Herbert alleges.

“What is also important is the willingness of Carole James et al—and some members of the media—to willingly accept Spencer Herbert’s intellectually challenged hissy-fit. Can’t they read?”

Such tactics have been common among the NDP’s gay activists. Spencer Herbert’s financial agent, Murray Bilida, employed similar tactics about Kari Simpson on CBC Radio (2001). Bilida, when confronted with his lie and a pending lawsuit, apologized with impressive swiftness. CBC apologized very quickly, too, stating on air: “Murray Bilida acknowledges that his comments were untrue and without foundation, and joins the CBC in its apology to Ms Simpson…

“Mr. Herbert seems to associate with an untrustworthy lot,” Simpson said today. “It was reported, just this March in Xtra West, that Bilida was organizing a rally; and on his intended list of speakers was an impressive list of the delusional—MP Hedy Fry, famous for misinforming the House of Commons in Ottawa about non-existent ‘burning crosses in Prince George’; and the BCTF’s ‘Social Justice’ trainer and teacher, self-admitted liar James Chamberlain; and of course, Spencer Herbert himself.

“It appears that Carole James and Spencer Herbert need to get in touch with reality,” she continued. “Lies, deceptions and bitchy politics have no place in governing a province. Politicians who lie should not be tolerated, nor elected.

“Of course this leaves British Columbians with little choice during this election: either the B.C. Fiberals or the New Delusional Party—what a tragic dilemma for British Columbians!”

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